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  1. Panels
    Our panels are easy to install, whether choosing from our direct mount or the track mounting systems. Each storm panel stacks easily on top of the other, requiring minimal storage space. We offer clear storm panels and aluminum storm panels. Miami Dade Approved.
  2. Accordians
    Our accordions provide storm protection and come with a mortise lock that is keyed. You can lock your accordions and use them as security for your home. Miami Dade Approved. Accordions are installed permanently utilizing a top and bottom track that is mounted to your home. The accordion shutter has different stacking options for maximum window opening.
  3. Roll Downs
    Roll Downs
    Roll-down shutters are permanently installed to your home and can be utilized daily not just when a storm is coming. Roll-downs provide security, sunshade, noise reduction and to keep the daily weather out. Roll-downs are made out of extruded aluminum and we manufacture these locally in our shop. Roll-downs can be manual, motorized with a remote or switches. Miami Dade Approved. Roll-downs are fast and easy when you are ready to leave home for any reason not just approaching storms.
  4. Impact Glass
    Impact Glass
    Miami Dade or Florida Building Code Approved. Impact glass offers two layers of glass and in between the glass is a layer of impact glass. We offer insulated and non-insulated impact glass hurricane protection for windows and doors. When the temperature soars ordinary window glass just can't handle the heat they way impact glass can. Cardinal LoE-366 however has been specially formulated to reject the suns heat without affecting the view. We also carry a full line of non-impact windows and doors as well.
  5. Hurricane Fabric Roll Downs
    Hurricane Fabric Roll Downs
    Hurricane Fabric is Florida Building Code approved, blocks wind and rain and can withstand a Category 5 wind load. This is great for the Do-It-Yourselfers. Hurricane fabric is compact and easily stored.
  6. Rolldown Bug Screens
    Rolldown Bug Screens
    Coastal Shutters carries a Rolldown Bug Screens as well. These can be motorized for maximum efficiency.
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