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The Advantages of Garage Door Screens 

There are numerous ways for people living in the southern Florida community to protect their homes, their adorable pets, and their families. In many cases, it is much more difficult for people who have recently relocated to Florida.

Retractable Garage Door Screens Can Enhance Your Comfort

Retractable Garage Door Screens can make a big difference when it comes to your personal comfort, and useful space that can be easily turned into a storage area, a workshop space, or even a convenient space. These innovative screens are spring-loaded, and fully retractable. There is a distinct advantage in having a spring-loaded system in that the spring-loaded system can work very smoothly in conjunction with your existing garage door.

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Hurricane Shutters

If you’re looking for hurricane shutters in South Florida, you’ll find superior products and service here at Coastal Shutters & Windows!

Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane Fabric is Florida Building Code approved, blocks wind and rain and can withstand a Category 5 wind load. This is great for the Do-It-Yourselfers. Hurricane fabric is compact and easily stored.

Garage Door Screens

Fully retractable and working in harmony with your existing garage door, Garage Door Screens are easy to use and help keep your garage cooler by allowing in outside air, but not bugs!

Rolldown Bug Screens

Coastal Shutters carries Rolldown Bug screen to help keep the bugs out but keep the lanai cool and comfortable with the press of a button.  These screens are convenient and beautiful.

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